Illus für MAVIBLAU!

Uncategorized 09/10/2017

Für MAVIBLAU habe ich den Artikel über Sprachverdreher “Das ist nicht mein Sohn, das ist mein Hähnchen”, illustriert . Als jemand, der trotz deutsch-türkischer Wurzeln erst mit Anfang 20 richtig Türkisch gelernt hat, konnte ich mich in jeder einzelnen Geschichte wiederfinden. Auch ich hätte schon mal fast “ein Glas Socken” bestellt. Und habe somit auch eine Geschichte beigesteuert.

MAVIBLAU ist ein deutschsprachiges Online-Magazin mit Hauptsitz in Istanbul, das sich mit Geschichten, Ereignissen und Begegnungen zwischen der Türkei und der deutschsprachigen Welt im Bereich von Kunst, Kultur und Gesellschaft beschäftigt.

“ELF”: Going digital with the illustrated zine

Uncategorized 17/02/2017


I sure do love print, but lately I am experimenting with illustration on digital devices. This little project, “ELF”, has been on my mind for a while and now I have finally made the first issue.

The idea for this zine comes from when I was about eleven (german, “elf”) years old. At that time I made my first “zine” with a friend of mine. We were inspired by the teenage magazines we read- it seems we somehow realized the involuntary funniness of them. All those weird tips on how you should dress, behave and live your life! This led to us making our own magazine. In them we made fun of the  the stuff in magazines.
The ideas we had then stuck with me and I’ve always wanted to do something with them. So I started, and slowly “ELF” came together. I kept my drawings simple and rough, because that’s what they were when back then. So here we go! If you were a teenager in the 2000s you will certainly recognize yourself- huge cell phones, “Bravo”, the Gameboy, weird tips on fashion and dating… This is a fun project and I hope I can continue working on it!


Although a printed zine is nice I think there are disadvantages. They are often so small and thin compared to books that I always lose them. Also with the digital zine, you don’t have to worry about how to print them, which can give you more freedom. I don’t want to say one way is better than the other. Right now I am just playing around with the possibilities!

Technical: I made a 12 page pdf and also an epub. It can be viewed on a tablet or desktop computer.
I will try to make a pdf download available.


Waiting at the airport

Uncategorized 01/02/2017

The other day I had to wait at the airport in Lisbon for three hours because my flight was late. So I filled page after page in my sketchbook. I think it was one of the best sketching opportunities I have had in ages! Also, what would we do without cell phones??

airport002 airport003 airport004 airport005

Christmas Cards: Stag & Stag

Uncategorized 30/12/2016


I make my own christmas cards every year. Mostly I just go and see what I find and make something really spontaneously. I think it is a good exercise for coming up with new ideas, and that goes especially for a topic as cliché-ridden as christmas!

These cards were printed using a risograph. I cut the stags out of a piece of black paper folded in half. People asked me, “why are they both male?” (Why not? I wanted them to be symmetrical. 🙂 )

I used paper that I found in our workspace. I made the pattern on the grey paper using potting soil that I scattered onto the riso.

Looking forward to doing more riso printing! Merry Christmas!


The woods

Photography 06/03/2016



This might be one of the strangest photos I have ever taken. Is is in a forest in Malaysia that is thousands of years old.